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Robbers hit again in Oshakati

Robbers hit again in Oshakati

Maria David

THE Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in Oshana Region are on the hunt for a gang of unknown suspects that also robbed a Chinese national, before proceeding to rob a pump attendant in Oshakati.


Hilma Amundanga was allegedly robbed a total of N$9 600 in cash that she collected from people putting fuel in the vehicles at the Total fuel station at the Fysal Market Oshakati West at around 12:30 on Saturday.


“It seems that the gang who robbed the Chinese national the previous night might be the same suspects who robbed the pump attendant,” said Inspector Thomas Aiyambo of the Namibian Police’s Public Relation Division in the Oshana Region.


Aiyambo said that the victim was in possession of the fuel money at the filling station, when one unknown male suspect came out of the white sedan and grabbed the money which was in a plastic bag before running away and jumping in the car and drove off.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed

According to Aiyambo, the pump attendant was found sitting with her colleagues at the service station when the incident occurred.


“The gateway car was later found abandoned and locked at the Oneshila Location,” said Aiyambo.


He noted that members of the public in the area where the car was found told police officers that the car drove up to the spot at high speed. Three men got out of the vehicle and went into a shack which was open and they changed their T-shirts and fled the scene on foot.


He stated that the victim indicated that she will not be able to identify the suspect as the robbery was done so quickly.


“The getaway car is a white Datsun with registration number N6102S was towed to the Oshakati Police Station by the Police Recovery,” said Aiyambo.
Aiyambo said that noneof the stolen cash was recovered and no arrest has been made.

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