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“There is no money” is the new MHSS slogan

“There is no money” is the new MHSS slogan

Placido Hilukilwa

THERE is a chronic shortage of nurses in government hospitals and clinics while nursing graduates sit at home. Many hospital patients sleep on the “cold floor” because of the lack of mattresses. Paracetamol is the only readily available medicine given to all patients regardless of their ailments. And the reason for this state of affairs is that “there is no money”.


That was said by Winnie Moongo, a nurse and National Assembly candidate for the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) during a rally at Oshakati on Saturday.


Moongo said that “there is no money” is the new slogan of the Ministry of Health and Social Services.


“This country is falling apart before our own eyes,” she said.

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She also addressed the all too common complaint about nurses who are seemingly always angry and rude.


“Let me tell you why we nurses are angry. We are angry because the Swapo-led government is not making it easy for us to do the job we were trained to do. That is hurting to see the infirm coming to hospital for treatment but the necessary means to help them are not available,” she said, adding that there is a way to turn the situation around and that is to vote PDM and its presidential candidate McHenry Venaani.


Moongo, who is number 10 on the PDM candidates list, is the daughter of late Phillemon Moongo who was PDM’s vice-president.


Addressing the Oshakati rally, Venaani said that if elected, he would put the country “back on track”.


He said that as parliamentarian and leader of the official opposition he has a well-known track record of always siding with the poor and the oppressed as well as a record of exposing corruption.


He spoke of “comrades in poverty” who live in shacks with no water, no electricity and no ablution facilities, but who ironically continue to glorify and give their votes to the “comrades in wealth”.


Venaani declared himself to be an agent of change.


“My message is change, change, change,” he said.

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