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Stop provoking people – Geingob

Stop provoking people – Geingob

Maria David

THE Swapo Party and presidential candidate over the past 48 hours have rallied support and is busy consolidating power from Katima Mulilo, Oshakati, Omuthiya and Eenhana.


Thousands of young and elderly voters outside of the social media activism platforms gathered in huge crowds to throw their support behind Swapo and its presidential candidate, Dr. Hage Geibgob.


With only ten days to go to the Presidential and National Assembly elections, the first incidents of intimidation amongst activists that forms part of the Itula travelling campaign was condemned by the Inspector General of the Namibian Police and the Electoral Commission of Namibia.


The Namibian President cautioned the Itula group not to provoke Swapo supporters and asked thousands of the party faithful to continue demonstrating tolerance and a democratic culture that was so far displayed in the traditional strongholds of the party countrywide.

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Dr. Geingob told those in attendance at the latest star rally in Eenhana that he requested party members not to provoke anyone, but campaign peacefully because they are already on the road to victory.


His remarks follow after an official convoy was blocked on the road between Ondangwa and Oshakati by young opposition supporters.


“They are losing, now they are looking for excuses. Political parties in Africa all lose election but do not cry foul,” Dr. Geingob narrated.


Dr. Geingob used the same platform to assure Namibians that the Swapo Party is not living in the past and that the party is not old, but evolving with time.


He urged Namibians to vote for Swapo, in order to provide a stronger mandate to address corruption, implement policies to improve the economy and accelerate efforts to secure dignity for every Namibian.


Dr. Geingob said that democracy encourages disagreement through dialogue and tolerance for different opinions without being disagreeable.


All political parties contesting the election this weekend helped star rallies reverting back to the traditional campaigning method as most of the electorate are not connected to the internet and those that have access to internet mostly cannot afford data to follow all groups and platforms that are involved in electioneering.

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