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Minister berates the RCC over mismanagement

Minister berates the RCC over mismanagement

Maria David

MINISTER of Works and Transport, John Mutorwa, has demanded proper management from the Roads Contractor Company (RCC), as he claims that State Owned Enterprise is mismanaged and those in the leadership of the company are too weak for the job.


Mutorwa made the claims earlier on Monday during a joint meeting between officials from the ministry, the Roads Authority (RA) and the RCC at Ongwediva.


Mutorwa told those in attendance that RCC is negligently managed and as such, the company’s properties, especially construction machinery, are found dumped everywhere in the country.


“All the properties of RCC are supposed to be kept at one place and not scattered all over the country,” said Mutorwa, adding that all the equipment need to be protected and kept safe.

Photo by Maria David

He explained that whenever the RCC completes any project, the machinery used during such projects are dumped and forgotten at the site, remaining there for long periods and not collected for safe keeping.


Mutorwa expressed disappointment over the matter as he told those in attendance that the Minister for Environment and Tourism once had appealed to his ministry to go collect the machines that were left in the Etosha National Park for years.


Furthermore, Mutorwa said that the RCC was established to generate money, rather than to owe other companies a lot of money.


“Why should the RCC owe a lot of money to other people when it’s a State Owned Company? The RCC was supposed to make a lot of money and not to be in debt with other companies.”


The RA, the RCC and the Ministry of works and Transport has on the 30 October this year signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for annual roads maintenance and ancillary works that was supposed to start on 1 November and is scheduled to continue until 31 October 2022.

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