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Slowly, slowly things are looking up

Slowly, slowly things are looking up

Gert Jacobie

SOME showers were reported over a broad area of Namibia stretching from the far north west down to an area south of Summerdown and on to Botswana.


From Omakange word was received of downpours and at sundown yesterday things really looked good towards Okahao.


This morning a downpour, measuring 12 millimetres was reported from the shores of the Olusondja Dam near Ruacana and Etunda.

Footage: Contributed

Rain was also reported from the Summerdown area in Central Namibia’s Otjozondjupa region.


Also from the area south of Katima Mulilo, near the border with Botswana, reports of light showers were received.


According to weather maps, the rain is shifting to the east in the next few days.

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