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Two Usakos men arrested for poaching granted bail

Two Usakos men arrested for poaching granted bail

Niël Terblanché

TWO men accused of illegally hunting game on Farm Bergrus in the district of Usakos, Max Dixon, also known as Atiki, and Eugene Gruner, were freed on bail on Monday.


The vigilance of a Namibian Police reservist led to the arrest of the suspects on Thursday. The arrest was the result of cooperation between the reservist, the farming community and members of the Namibian Police who responded to a call for reinforcement.


According to a report about the incident the men were acting suspiciously after shooting three Oryx on the farm that is situated along the D1989 gravel road to the south of B2 Road. Once the suspects saw that they were being followed, a car chase ensued but the reservist assisted by farm watch members managed to eventually get Dixon and Gruner to bring their vehicle to a standstill.

Once the suspect vehicle was stopped the carcasses of three Oryx were found in the back of the vehicle. Further investigation revealed that the suspects dropped a 30-06 hunting rifle and suppressor along with 13 empty cartridges a few kilometres before they were eventually stopped by law enforcement officials.


With evidence mounting against them and as questioning continued one of the suspects pointed out the spot where they shot the three Oryx.


Dixon and Gruner appeared in The Usakos Magistrate’s Court on Monday afternoon where they were formally informed that they face charges of illegal hunting and the possession of an unlicensed firearm.


When afforded the opportunity both the accused persons indicated to the court that they would solicit the services of private legal representatives.
Before postponing the matter to 11 December this year Magistrate David Mukuyu granted the Dixon and Gruner bail of N$8 000 each.

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