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One on One with Samuel Shinedima

One on One with Samuel Shinedima

Zorena Jantze

TRAVELING through the vast Namibian escarpment these coming holidays will be a breeze, with the sounds of “I Am a Winner”, a newly released album by Samuel Shinedima, on the stereo.


The new kid on the block has come to stake his place in the Namibian music industry with a fusion of sounds that range from Shambo, Afro pop and electro pop on his 15-track album.


The 28-year-old artist, known as “Samuel Shines” on stage, invigorated listeners with his first track in September last year, a single titled, ‘Boo’d Up’.

VIBRANT MUSIC: Samuel Shinedima. – Footage: Contributed

Pressing play on the first song titled “The Champ is Here”, the listener is met with the intro to the album, a quirky 59 second voice over of a commentator, ushering in Shinedima as the champ with fans going berserk in the background as the song fades out in a nostalgic Shambo interlude.


On track two of the album “Come Closer”, which trended on the charts at radio stations across the country, Shines shows his appreciation for African traditional sounds. It’s the kind of song that would make dust clouds stand in northern Namibia as everyone losses their feet in the rhythm of the lively Shambo music.


On track 7, the artist brings in a more subtle R&B instrumental sound with song titled “Hold on”. The track embodies feeling without forcing it to contend with the artist’s voice and shares a hopeful message to the youth populous who find themselves unemployed as the artist states, “Where you come from does not determine your destiny. You could be living in the shacks of Havana to living in mansion in Klein Windhoek, keep working, never give up.”


The album features two artists, namely, Top Cherri and Patrick from PDK.
Taking into consideration that it’s a debut, the album “I am a Winner” does not offend the ear of the listener and scores 3 out of 5 stars.


While having an ear for great instrumental sounds, the artist could do more in terms of realising full vocal capabilities by practicing his pitch. Focused, and multitalented, Shinedima is a young man to look out for in Namibia.

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