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It is raining in Southern Angola

It is raining in Southern Angola

Gert Jacobie

WHILE good showers of rain were reported in the Central North, a truck driver also reported heavy showers in southern Angola.


Trucker Twister Blackdog was on a voice message on his approach between Lubango and Xangongo in the southern quarter of Angola towards Namibia, when he reported driving in the driving rain for two consecutive days.


He reported rain in the vicinity of Huambo, where the mighty Kunene River originates and then spoke about heavy showers in the Cahama-area, where promises of inflow into the Namibian wonder world of the drainage system into the Cuvelai originates.

He described large columns of cumulonimbus clouds, evoking dreams of streams of water entering Namibia west of Eenhana right up to Beacons 5 or 6 on the border, from where inhabitants often, in good years, have to move to higher ground for their safety.


Noting that the land from the highlands in Angola right up to Oshikango is stripped bare of almost all vegetation, the real possibility exist that soil erosion and fast running streams from broken waterway banks, can be a feature of this year’s rainy season.


But that is merely the opinion of a son of the African soil, observing nature, reading the land and praying for the end of the worst years of drought that he has ever experienced, Twister Blackdog told Informanté.

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