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NamWater’s water canal is crumbling

NamWater’s water canal is crumbling

Placido Hiluklwa

The Namibia Water Corporation’s water canal between Ogongo in the Omusati Region and the purification plant at Oshakati in the Oshana Region – which is the lifeline for the northern regions – is crumbling either because it has reached the limit of its lifespan or lack of proper maintenance or poor workmanship by the constructors.


The impending rainy season is expected to exacerbate NamWater’s woes when dirty water from oshanas starts flowing into the canal.


During May this year the northern region of Namibia went into a water shortage situation when urgent repair and rehabilitation work had to be done on the canal.

Although supply to the main water purification works in Oshakati has not been interrupted yet, the dilapidation of the canal could easily lead to another situation where water would have to be rationed while repair work is done.


NamWater officials at Oshakati were not able to say if any repair works are being planned at the moment.

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