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Nurse sues Medipark over misdiagnosis

Nurse sues Medipark over misdiagnosis

Eba Kandovazu

A NURSE, who received treatment at the Ongwediva Medipark private hospital, is suing the hospital and three prominent doctors for damages to the tune of N$1.3 million after they allegedly misdiagnosed her with appendicitis in 2016.


The nurse, Rosalia Shivute, came out strongly in her plea, accusing the doctors of negligence by failing to make a “timely and proper diagnosis” and by sending her blood samples for analysis to an outside laboratory when there was already a capable one at the hospital.
The three doctors listed as respondents are Dr Brown Ndofor, Dr Desire Kiberiti, and Dr Kai-Kai.


“The referral to an external lab caused unnecessary delays in the required diagnosis and treatment, causing further anguish and fruitless expenditure on the amount of N$318 639.56,” Shivute is claiming.

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As a result, Shivute is claiming that the doctors failed to provide her with pain medication and delayed to take her to surgery for a period of three days.


Instead of undergoing a laparoscopy appendectomy, she was operated for laparotomy, leading to physical pain, emotional anxiety, trauma and the development of a bowel obstruction which resulted in adhesions and a further laparotomy.


Shivute maintains that her constitutional right to proper medical care and dignity were violation.


She claims that she was discharged when she already had an infection and that the staff did not give her antibiotics, which led to further infection and oozing of puss from the wound.


As a result, Shivute says she has lost 17kg because of the physical trauma. She is represented by the Conradie and Damseb law firm. Judge Boaz Usiku is presiding.

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