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Truck crashed down embankment on busy city street

Truck crashed down embankment on busy city street

Samuel Shinedima & Marthina Mutanga

THE driver of a delivery truck escaped unhurt from the vehicle after rolled down a steep embankment next to one of Windhoek’s busiest traffic corridors earlier on Monday.


The accident occurred after the driver of tax lost control over his vehicle and crashed into the back of the delivery truck that belongs to Pupketwitz Megabuild. It is alleged that one of the wheels of the taxi burst which caused the driver to lose control.

Video: The scene of the accident that occurred in Windhoek earlier on Monday. – Footage: Samuel Shinedima & Marthina Mutanga

The accident occurred on Robert Mugabe Avenue between State House and the Maerua Mall while both vehicles were moving towards the city centre.


After rolling down the embankment the truck landed back on its wheels.


“It was very fortunate that I was not speeding which allowed me to control my vehicle,” the truck driver said after emerging from the vehicle unhurt.


None of the occupants of the taxi were seriously injured as a result of the crash.

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