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Brilliant Namibia secures place in T20 play-offs

Brilliant Namibia secures place in T20 play-offs

Niël Terblanché

THE Namibian men’s cricket team secured the place in the play-offs of the 2019 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier in Dubai after beating Singapore with 87 runs in their final group match.


It was the fourth consecutive victory in the tournament for the Namibians.
Singapore won the toss and opted to field which gave the Namibian batsmen the opportunity to make a brilliant 191 runs in the 20 overs. In the process eight batsmen were sent back to the stands by the bowlers from Singapore.


At the start of the second inning the Namibian bowlers decimated the top order batsmen of Singapore in short order.

Jan Frylinck took two wickets in the first over. The first wicket fell with his second delivery. The second batsman walked at the sixth ball after being caught by JP Kotze. Christi Viljoen took the third wicket in the second over.


The men from Singapore steadied a little bit for the next two overs but JJ Smit took the fourth wicket with the last ball of the fifth over. Bernard Szcholtz took the fifth wicket in the seventh over while Craig Smith dismissed the sixth batsman in the middle of the eighth when Ben Shikongo caught a high ball.


Frylinck got his third wicket in the 12th and his fourth in the 14th over. Viljoen got his second wicket in the 15th over and dismissed the final batsmen from Singapore with the first ball of the 17th over.


Singapore only managed 104 runs during the Namibian bowling onslaught.
The victory against Singapore in their final group match guaranteed Namibia a spot in the play-off which is set to start on Monday.

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