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Oshana and Cunene will focus on trade

Oshana and Cunene will focus on trade

Maria David

THE Oshana Regional Council held the first ever Business Forum between regions of Namibia and Angola to draft a Concept Paper to pave way for improved business and development between the Cunene Province and the Oshana Region.
The forum was aimed at soliciting inputs from the business community from both countries on potential investments areas in their respective regions.
This followed an earlier visit by Governor Elia Irimari and some Namibian business delegates to Cunene Province, after an invitation was extended to the region to strengthen existing relations.
During the visit a Namibia-Angola business forum was held where detailed articulation of socio-economic interests were engaged on by the two Governors.

According to Irimari, their visit to Angola opened their minds and caused them to discover that there is a need in Africa to move away from the mindset of seeking aid to a partner that promote global trade.
“The time has come for us to build on our global competitiveness and create unprecedented access to the global markets,” stated Irimari.
He noted that they engaged the Cunene Province in order to work together, to jointly grow their local business sectors while at the same time creating job opportunities and address income disparity among the people.
“Both parties have agreed to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the Oshana Regional Council has crafted a draft Concept Paper as well as a MoU to be signed between the two Governors,” he stated.
Irimari explained that the forum is aimed at business and regional government leaders to put their heads together in reviewing the Concept Paper as well as the MoU.

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