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Woman who fell from seventh storey dies

Woman who fell from seventh storey dies

Eba Kandovazu

THE woman who on Saturday evening jumped from the seventh storey of a hotel in the central business district of Windhoek in what is suspected to be suicide attempt, succumbed to her injuries in the Katutura hospital.
Mila Kusch sustained injuries ranging from severe internal bleeding, broken limbs and a broken pelvis. She was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit.

According to an employee at the hotel where the incident occurred on Saturday evening, the 26-year-old woman appeared to be highly intoxicated before the incident. She was visiting a friend of hers at the hotel, who was not in his room when she jumped off the balcony.
“When she got to the hotel with her friend, he left her there to attend a graduation party at a house in Windhoek West. She was alone at the hotel room. She fell on a hollow wooden bench but bounced to the next one,” he said.
It is still unclear why the woman, aged 26 attempted to commit suicide, although it is alleged that she previously attempted to jump from of a moving vehicle.
An emergency services official who attended the scene said that emergency services were having a difficult time loading her into an ambulance due to the severity of her injuries and the fear that she might die if not properly handled.
“A total of six ambulances arrived at the scene and it took an hour to stabilize the victim before loading her and transporting her to the hospital. We cannot for certain confirm she attempted to commit suicide because she was highly intoxicated and it could have been that she was disoriented, didn’t recognize where she was and slipped from the balcony. I therefore cannot rule out the fact that it could have been purely accidental,” the paramedic said.

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