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Man shot during ambush on farm

Man shot during ambush on farm

Niël Terblanché

THE Namibian Police assisted by the District Watch and members of a private Anti Poaching Unit have mobilised to hunt for the suspects or suspect who shot André Shepherd, a well known resident of Outjo, during an ambush on a farm on Monday evening.
Shepherd, who is employed as a foreman on Farm Gemsbokoord between Outjo and Khorixas, was on his way back with provisions he acquired in town on Monday evening. While driving on the access road to the farm Shepherd was forced to bring his vehicle to a halt after he found his way blocked by tree branches and large rocks.
His wife, Belinda, who was with him in the vehicle told police officers and neighbours that he got out of the vehicle to clear away the debris obstructing the road and that he was shot when he walked back to the vehicle.

Pictured: André Shepherd, who was wounded during an ambush on Farm Gemsbokoord near Outjo on Monday evening. His Wife Belinda was with him in the vehicle when the attack occurred. – Photo: Contributed

It is alleged that the assassin was hiding in the nearby bushes or on a rocky outcrop close to where the road was blocked. Shepherd was wounded in the left side of his chest as he was about to board his vehicle again.
Shepherd’s wife told neighbours that after he got back in the vehicle he told her that they should rush to the neighbouring farm to get help. He still drove the vehicle to the neighbouring farm and while on the way both the victim and his wife used their mobile phones to call for assistance.
Once they arrived at the next farm they were assisted by neighbours. Paramedics who arrived in an ambulance stabilised Shepherd and transported him to the hospital in Outjo. From Outjo the victim was transferred to a hospital in Windhoek where the bullet that is still lodged in his body will be removed by surgeons.
Friends of Andre and Belinda said that the bullet missed his heart but punctured his lung and caused severe internal bleeding. They confirmed that he was admitted to the hospital in Windhoek where is in a stable condition.
The motive for the cowardly attack is yet to be determined but is suspected that a former employee on the farm could be behind the ambush. It is also suspected that the fire arm used during the ambush was stolen from the farm house earlier on Monday while Shepherd and his wife was in Outjo to get provisions for the farm.
Deputy Commissioner Naukalemo Andreas, the Otjozondjupa Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator confirmed the incident and said it occurred between 20:00 and 21:00 when the victim stopped to clear away debris on the access road to his house on the farm.
“The investigation is still at a very early stage and the investigators are still trying to establish who the suspect is and what the motive for the attack was,” Deputy Commissioner Andreas said.

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