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Anthrax outbreak among humans in Zambezi

Anthrax outbreak among humans in Zambezi

Zorena Jantze

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry and the Ministry of Health and Social Services has sounded the alarm, as 104 suspected cases of anthrax in humans were reported in Otjitanga Village in Epupa. Constituency after the villagers ate or had close contact with meat of goats and cattle suspected to contracted anthrax.
So far, three people have been admitted to hospital, however no deaths have been reported.

OUTBREAK: Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed

In a joint statement issued by agriculture ministry executive director Percy Misika and his equal in the health ministry, Ben Nangombe livestock deaths suspected to have been caused by Anthrax were detected at Otjitanga village in the Kunene region by 25 September 2019, so far a total of 68 sheep and goats died from a population of 1 670.
In the Zambezi Region hundreds of hippopotamuses died as a result of Anthrax.
Misika and Nangombe further stated that at Katima Mulio about 11 people who consumed meat from dead hippos that have died of a yet unknown cause, developed lesions on different parts of their bodies.
According to the statement one person was admitted to hospital for treatment but has been since discharged. No deaths have been reported.
Anthrax is a serious infectious disease caused by gram-positive, red shaped bacteria known as Bacillus Anthracis. Anthrax is a zoonotic disease (it can affect animals and humans.

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