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Taxi driver shoots armed robber

Taxi driver shoots armed robber

Niël Terblanché

A MEMBER the Casie 202, one of Windhoek’s notorious criminal gangs, was taken to the Katutura State Hospital after he was shot in the buttocks by an unknown person while walking in Clemence Kapuuo Street.
Later on the same day a 40-year-old a taxi driver came to report at the Wanaheda Police Station that he shot a man in the area of the Single Quarters. The man told police officers that the man was busy robbing a woman while she was boarding his taxi.
According to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division the shooting occurred at 19:00 on Saturday evening.
The taxi driver told police that the robber grabbed the woman’s handbag containing a cellphone. The taxi driver confronted the man who drew a knife and tried to stab him during the ensuing scuffle.
The taxi driver said he shot the suspect in the leg when he charged towards him with the knife.
The lady who was robbed of her handbag and a cell phone chased after the suspect into a nearby riverbed but the man managed to evade her and disappeared.
The handbag and the cell phone were not recovered and no arrest was made yet. The investigation into the matter will continue.
A case of murder was registered with the police in Otjiwarongo after the lifeless body of the 29-year-old Collin Skrywer was discovered in a shack by a woman who was sent to look for him.
According to the incident report the deceased person, who works on a farm, arrived at his aunt’s house in the Ombili location in Otjiwarongo sometime during Saturday. Upon his arrival he collected keys of a shack from his aunt.
On Sunday evening at around 19:30 the aunt sent a younger woman to look for Skrywer because she became concerned.
She told the police that she did not see him again after he collected the key the previous day. She said she became worried because he did not come to her house to eat as he usually does when visiting town.
The younger woman arrived at the shack and when she knocked on the door a man she did not know answered the door. The man fled into nearby bushes.
The woman entered the shack and discovered the deceased where lying on his stomach on the floor. She informed the neighbours who notified the police.
The police in Ongwediva are investigating an incident where a 38-year-old man was viciously attacked by a panga wielding man.
According to the incident report the attack occurred around 23:00 on Saturday evening while the victim was walking in the second development phase of the Sky location.
The victim, who was admitted to the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital with deep cuts to his face and left arm, told police that he still does not know why the attack occurred. He said he has never seen the man before and that no argument or quarrel preceded that senseless attack.

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