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Omatala matter heads to court

Omatala matter heads to court

Maria David

THE dispute over the old Oshakati Open Market is heading to the High Court.
Well-known business tycoon Erastus ‘Chicco’ Shapumba said that he is going to take up the matter in court in an attempt to find a solution of a dispute that dates back to 2016.
In July 2016, former Oshakati mayor Katrina Shimbulu announced that Shapumba’s company, Mouse Properties cc, won the bid to acquire the land that housed the old Oshakati Open Market.
Shapumba’s company beat Lynx Property Developers, Oshiwana Property Developers, Tecklink Consultants, Kalahari Holdings, FAI Square Development Consortium, NDI Holdings SINCO Investments, Water Power Trading cc, BH Properties cc and Sun Investment cc in the bidding process.
Shapumba took his construction equipment to the site to start development shortly after the council announced that his company won the bid.
It was reported by Informanté that the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Peya Mushelenga, announced his disapproval of the sale of the plot to Shapumba saying that at the time his directive to council was that he refuse to approve the sale and sent it back telling them that they should follow proper procedures.
However to date the matter still remains unresolved and Shapumba is getting ready for court to contest the decision by the Minister.
He stated that the awarding of the tender was done procedurally and fairly, but yet he was halted and prevented to continue with developing the area.
“I have opened a case against the Ministry of Urban are Rural Development, which is expected to be heard within a month or so,” said Shapumba.
According to him, he paid his money almost five years ago, without getting any work to do.
“We want to work and we don’t want a lot of stories,” he said, adding that if people don’t want to work they must leave the work to those that really want to deliver and ensure that the economy of the country is uplifted.
Approached for comment, Mayor of Oshakati, Angelus Iiyambo, distanced himself from the matter, saying that the Town Council is done with their part and everything is out of their hands.
Iiyambo said is up to the minister and his office to decide on the way forward.

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