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Amupanda officially announces running for Mayor

Amupanda officially announces running for Mayor

Zorena Jantze & Eba Kandovazu

THE influential and often controversial youth leader, Job Amupanda, today officially announced his plans to independently run for the Windhoek’s mayoral position.

During a press conference in the capital, Amupanda outlined his ambitious plans in his Windhoek Radical Transformation (WRT) strategy, which will focus on five thematic areas that are aimed at solving the ever-mounting problems of the Capital.

 “Yes, it is true that we are taking over the City of Windhoek. It is true that I’m contesting for mayor, and that I’m going to wear that chain,” Amupanda announced to a fully packed audience at the Katutura Youth Complex. 

RUNNING FOR MAYOR: Job Amupanda. Photo: contributed

In what was pronbably tongue in cheek, Amupanda further instructed members of parliament, as well as ministers to start paying their water and electricity bills before he takes over as mayor of Windhoek as he will cut off services to accounts in high arrears. 

Amupanda stated that the WRT will focus on housing, happiness, unemployment, decolonisation, and economic interventions. 

With regard to decolonisation, Amupanda stated that he would remove the Kurt Von Francois statue and have it replaced with human rights fighter Anna Kakurukaze Mungunda,

“How can you come into Namibia with its natives already existing on the territory and then claim to have discovered it?”Amupanda said.

Touching on economic interventions, Amupanda stated that he plans on reorienting the City of Windhoek from giving out tenders to establishing municipal owned enterprises. 

Amupanda stated that currently, the City of Windhoek has a deficit of around N$400 million and establishing these enterprises would save the municipality from giving out tenders worth N$4 to N$5 billion.

He further called for the re-opening of Ramatex to use as a tailoring factory, which will see the creation of uniforms for all employs within City of Windhoek such as City Police officers, cleaners and bus drivers  as he says they currently have their uniforms procured from outside Namibia. 

Amupanda further proposed the creation of city security to mitigate the ever-increasing crimes in the Capital. 

“We want our streets to be kept safe; our streets cannot be kept safe by NDF officers who beat up civilians. We propose employing 3,000 guards for household security as well as outsourcing them to private security services,” he stated. 

Other proposals include fixing plumbing and electrical problems, which will can be billed at the end of the month, as well as housing provided by the City of Windhoek to cut out lengthy requirements from banks and high interest rates.

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