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Chief Zeraeua to be coroneted as Chief 

Chief Zeraeua to be coroneted as Chief 

Marthina Mutanga 

MANASSE Meundju Zeraeua, the son of the late Chief Christian Eerike Zeraeua, will this weekend be coroneted  as head of the Zeraeua Traditional Authority in Omatjete in in the Dâures Constituency in the Erongo Region.

Fabianus Hirikee Uaseuapuani, the chairperson of the Zeraeua Traditional Authority today said that all the chiefs from different traditional houses are on their way to Omatjete to witness the big event.. 

CHIEF IN WAITING: Manasse Meundju Zeraeua. Photo: Contributed

The coronation comes after the Zeraeua Traditional Authority’s application to Dr Peya Mushelenga, the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, was approved, making Zeraeua Chief of the Ovaherero community in the Erongo Region.

“We are thrilled to finally, after seven years, be able to crown Chief Manasse Zeraeua of the Ovaherero community in the Erongo Region, “said Uazeuapuani.

Uaseuapuani noted that a Cultural Expo will take place from today until Sunday.

The Expo will feature exhibits of traditional Ovaherero and other indigenous food, crafts, products, fashion and traditional and Oviritje performances by various well-known local artists.

Furthermore, Kavendjii said that as part of their efforts to preserve and strengthen the Ovaherero and other indigenous cultural heritages, the Zeraeua Traditional Authority has future plans of turning the cultural festival into an annual event that will be hosted in various villages in the Erongo Region on a rotational basis.

“We should not entirely dismiss our cultural heritage. Knowing our history and cultural heritage is important for the affirmation of our true identity as a people and our spiritual wellbeing,” he concluded.

The late Chief Christian passed away in 2012 after taking chieftainship  in 1979.

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