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Kind-hearted Brit helps struggling Namibian farmer

Kind-hearted Brit helps struggling Namibian farmer

Gert Jacobie

The international reach of Informanté’s Facebook page should not be underestimated.
Thanks to an article on this highly viewed platform the cattle and sheep on farm Guruchab, about seventy kilometres east of Keetmanshoop, will have a mouth full of to eat in the days to come.
A reader in great Brittain, who do not want to be named, deposited £200 into the account of Mr. Gerhardus Nel to buy fodder.

This gesture came on the back of two donations to save the animals on Guruchab from kind hearted Namibian businessmen who contributed equally after they saw the farmers’ emaciated animals on Informanté.
Mr. Nell, who still in the doldrums and waiting for the one thing in this world that cannot be forced, the first rain of the season, said late last night he could not sleep, because the rumours of rain that is possibly coming in the wind of the final winter cold fronts over the Cape and the groaning of his cattle in the kraals are keeping him awake.
“My God assures me the time is near. Nature tells me the time has come. I cannot give up now,” he said.

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