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Boy electrocuted while hunting pigeons

Boy electrocuted while hunting pigeons

Niël Terblanché

THE 16-year-old Jeffrey Katanga Geiseb was found dead in the roof of an abandoned house in Usakos where he was trying to catch pigeons after he was electrocuted.
According to the incident report the deceased boy was seen in Victoria Street on Friday, a short while before he was found dead. The deceased person met a friend in the street and told him that he was on his way to the ‘Green House’ in Lindquest Street to catch pigeons
“The friend followed him to the house and witnessed as the deceased climbed onto the roof and further through a hole on to get inside the roof. After a while the friend suspected that something might have gone wrong and he notified the Police immediately.”
It is suspected that the victim was electrocuted while inside the roof of the abandoned house.
The police found Gaiseb’s motionless body inside the roof and took him to the hospital. He was declared dead on arriva.
A post mortem examination still has to be conducted to determine the actual cause of death.
In the meantime the police in the Erongo Region have requested members of the public to come forward with information that might shed more light on the death of the 40-year-old Zedekias Stramis that succumbed to serious head injuries in the Katutura Intermediate Hospital on Wednesday, a week after he was found walking in the streets of Usakos with foam coming from his mouth.
According to the incident report the deceased person was found by a petrol attendant in the early hours of last Tuesday morning the 27th of August while he was seated next to the kiosk at the Engine One Stop Service Station in Usakos. Before that he was seen walking down Banhoff Street and that foam was coming from his mouth.
The police were called and he was taken to Usakos State Hospital from where he was later transferred to Katutura Intermediate Hospital on the same day.
At the time the petrol attendant told police that Stramis did not have any visible injuries but that he appeared drowsy.
An autopsy late last week revealed that Stramis had a fractured skull which caused his death.
The police investigation into the death revealed that he was seen in the company of friends in different bars on the evening of 26 August.
It is not yet known if Stramis was assaulted by unknown suspects or if he fell and hit his head against a hard object which could have caused the serious injury to his head.
The Police requested the public’s assistance in gathering and providing information which can lead to the solving of the case. Any person with such information is requested to contact Deputy Commissioner Eratsus Iikuyu at 081 246 47, Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Gurirab at 081 233 3745, Detective Warrant Officer Cletius Kabuku at 081 391 0671 or to report to the nearest Police Station.

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