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Kalola was a wanted fugitive

Kalola was a wanted fugitive

Niël Terblanché

THE Namibian Police in the Oshana Region has been looking for the latest victim of Operation Kalahari Desert for the past two years after he absconded from standing trial in Oshakati on charges of house breaking with the intent to steal and theft.
The 32-year-old Benisius Kalola was shot by a member of the joint task team participating in Operation Kalahari Desert when he ran away from officers during a raid on a drug house near the old Single Quarters in Windhoek.
Further investigation into the deceased person’s background revealed that he has been on the run form the police since a warrant of arrest in his name was issued by a magistrate in the Oshakati Regional Court during 2017.

He was apprehended by police in the Oshana Region during September of 2017 after he and another suspect broke into business premises where they stole a gambling machine. The gambling machine and several other stolen items were found in Kalola’s car.
At the time of his arrest Kalola’s car was impounded by police and is still at the Ongwediva Police Station under a confiscation order two years later.
Kalola was initially freed on bail and thereafter he duly appeared in court until the matter was set down for plea and trial. He absconded from standing trial and has been a fugitive ever since.
Preliminary investigations into the background of the deceased person also revealed that he had two outstanding criminal cases pending against him. The first case of armed robbery with aggravating circumstances was registered in 2015 while the latest armed robbery case was registered in January this year. Both armed robbery cases were registered at the Katutura Police Station.
During the raid on the drug house near the old Single Quarters last week members of the joint Operation Kalahari Deseret task team arrested three suspects and recovered a significant amount of dagga.

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