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Illegal strike exposes division in security union

Illegal strike exposes division in security union

Niël Terblanché

A WILDCAT strike at G4S Namibia last week exposed alleged fraud, misrepresentation and division in the leadership of the Namibia Security Guard and Watchmen’s Union (NASGWU) which is affiliated under the Trade Unions Congress of Namibia (TUCNA).
The possibility that fraud and misrepresentation charges will be laid against a former unionist who organised the illegal strike by security guards employed by employed by G4S is the subject of investigation that was launched by NASGWU.
According to NASGWU Secretary General, Haufiku Andreas, the trouble with a former office bearer in the executive of the union, David Frans, started early in August when a false statement was published by an English daily newspaper about the demands of G4S employees for better pay. The correspondence was written on the letter head of NASGWU but with a different registration number than the existing union.

Pictured: David Frans former office bearer of the Namibian Security Guard and Watchmen’s Union. – Photo: Contributed

“By using our letter head Frans misrepresented himself and pretended to be the Secretary General when he issued the statement in which he said that employees of G4S demand a salary increase and that an ultimatum of 30 days was set for the company to comply before industrial action would be taken.”
The letter was never authorised by the secretary general of NASGWU and the illegal strike last week was the result of members of the union being misled by Frans.
Andreas said Frans’s actions are obstructing an already difficult process to negotiate for better salaries and increases of benefits for security guards.
“Because of the Frans’s actions earlier in August G4S Namibia registered a case with the Labour Commissioner where a hearing is to be held to determine which person is actually the secretary general. This case will be heard on the 20th of September 2019 which means all the work the current executive of the union has done up until now has come to nothing.”
He said G4S Namibia has not contracted any union as a bargaining partner, but they have an open door policy which accommodates all unions that opens up a negotiation process with the company.
Andreas indicated that Frans’s irresponsible actions and the illegal strike has put employees’ jobs in danger because they were intimidated and mislead
“Frans has not been in service of NASGWU since 2016 and a case of fraud was registered with the Namibian Police in 2015. That case is still under investigation and we are waiting on our lawyer to advise us on wheter we should go ahead with a second case of fraud and misrepresentation in light of the latest developments at G4S.”
In the meantime the union issued an urgent letter to all their members and Namibian security companies in which NASGWU distances itself from the illegal strike, David Frans and his fraudulent demands on behalf of employees.

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