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Lemon and Herb, why, why, why???

Lemon and Herb, why, why, why???

Lemon and Herb, why, why, why???

Dear Nando’s,

The last time I wrote a love letter to someone was roughly 30 years ago out of sheer desperation. The pain of facing the reality that you don’t want me anymore has left me speechless.

I remember the year you came into my life, if my memory serves me well it could be roughly 1996. By that time I was in a steady relationship with Kentucky Fiver, a box of chicken and chips that left me with a kapunda in my early 20’s.

Since cheating on a partner has never been my (intention) tog…I saw it fit to go on a date with you for the first time. I walked into your room, just across PricewaterhouseCoopers. Your seductive nature immediately set me up when you gave me two choices to settle into comfort. Your options of Lemon & Herb and Peri-Peri were just out of this world.

Since I didn’t use alcohol at the time I deemed your Peri-Peri option as a flavour only for the babalaas of Namibian society. You took my taste buds by storm, I could not believe that combination of flavours melting away in my mouth. I immediately wrote a letter to Kentucky Fiver, telling her sorry…two relationships in my book can’t run concurrently.

I started to meet a few people back then who became regulars every lunch time at Nando’s, I can name them…Lazarus Jacobs, Goms Manetti, Andrew Ndishishi goede. We would meet there every lunch hour discussing the future of Nudo and Swapo. We decided right there at the tables of Nando’s whether Tate Kulu should get a 3rd term or not.

The day the Brave Warriors beat Bafana Bafana was one of the biggest sporting joys in 1997 I enjoyed, we went straight to Nando’s to go and celebrate mbuae . Nando’s, so many side chicks came along the way trying to wrestle my loyalty away from you. Hungry Lion tried it with me, mara I only had eyes and taste buds for you, there was just nothing that would separate us.

Your chicken livers and prego rolls were my only consolation if mevrou decided not to cook that day. Now all I’m saying is that there was never any hunch in your taste, nor your service that suggested you found someone new. I pride myself that I’ve been faithful and transparent with you if I went to Papa G’s. Hulle is nxa, mara your lemon and herb flavours always took me right back to you tog my skattebol.

The devastating news I faced last week when you left me for dead when I tried to make a late night booty call around 01h15 at Engen…I found another flavour there that I don’t know from anywhere vakwetu !

How on earth can you just decide to leave me in the middle of the night, no goodbyes, nothing…f*kol…nee man daai is k*k maniere sowaar!

If you can please, please respond to my letter and explain why why, why…in the meantime, don’t blame me if you hear stories of me visiting Papa G’s, Hungry Lion or KFC. You just made a real flerrie out of me.

I also hope you are not in a relationship with Gigaba currently, rumors are that’s the case! If so, is oraait I wish both of you a happy life together…such freakiness I don’t need in my life!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Much love


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