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Minister voices disunity in sport

Minister voices disunity in sport

Minister voices disunity in sport
TROUBLED: Minister of Sports, Erastus Uutoni urges peace in the sport sector._Photo: Aili Iilonga

THE Sports Minister, Erastus Uutoni, has voiced his discontent over the disunity within major sporting codes, with both the Namibia Rugby Union (NRU) and the Namibia Football Association (NFA) experiencing in-house squabbles that have placed the sporting sector in the limelight.

Uutoni was voicing his concerns over the NFA infightings, stating that the disunity will slowly discourage sport lovers to support, as well as attend sporting events.

He in particular referred to the decision taken by NFA to suspend its president, Frans Mbidi, stating that the evidence presented was not factual. The ongoing squabbles between current out-of-contract NFA Secretary-General Barry Rukoro and suspended Mbidi reached new heights after the NFA Executive Committee dismissed Mbidi, a decision that even FIFA does not recognise.

“There was no factual evidence provided which could have rendered the NFA President worthy of a dismissal,” he said.

He said that NFA Executive Committee, “did not comply with its constitution in the process of administering a verdict of dismissal of their President”.

He advised the NFA to revisit its decision of dismissing Mbidi and that the constitution of the NFA should be amended in line with good governance, including rigorous training on governance.

The minister gave a stern warning to both the NRU and NFA to get their houses in order and avoid disunity within the sporting sector.

“As a nation, the time has come to rally behind one another for the benefit of our sport-loving nation. Sport cannot be managed through hatred, anger, nepotism, tribalism or personal interest, but through sober minds, unity, love for one another and the love toward the game of sport,” said the minister.



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