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Poaching decreases compared to last year

Poaching decreases compared to last year

Marthina Mutanga
Poaching remains a big concern in Namibia, where it shows that poaching is moving away from the National parks and more into private farms and custodian farms. It can be attributed to the intensified security in parks.
Romeo Muyunda Public Relation officer of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism vowed to do whatever possible to bring poaching under control and this year shows a decreasing pattern compared to 2018.
Namibia has recorded 26 poaching incidences since January, according to the statistics, seven elephants and 19 rhinos were poached since January.In May, the ministry recorded 18 incidences during which eight animals were killed.

Photo: Susan Scott for STROOP

Muyunda said the poaching incidences were recorded from mainly private and custodian farms while six poaching incidences were recorded in the national parks namely Etosha and Waterberg.
Last year, a total of 57 rhinos and 26 elephants were poached while 120 suspected poachers were arrested.
The ministry is currently lobbying for harsher punishments for those found guilty of poaching.
Last year, the ministry established an Anti-Poaching Unit to help curb poaching.
The increasing involvement of criminal syndicates in poaching and wildlife trafficking promotes corruption, threatens species, strengthens illicit trade routes, destabilises economies and communities that depend on wildlife for their livelihoods.

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