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NWRWU unhappy with Ministry of Labour

NWRWU unhappy with Ministry of Labour

Maria David
SECRETARY-GENERAL of the Namibia Wholesale and Retail Workers Union (NWRWU), Victor Hamunyela, said Namibia labour relations are deteriorating, depute all legal instruments in place.
Addressing the media conference at Oshakati on Thursday, Hamunyela said that NWRWU believe that there will be no peace of mind to the working people unless those in the driving sit of the state start thinking of the working poor.
Hamunyela stated that labour dispute cases remain pending for up to 4 and 5 years which is in the opposite, as to why arbitration conciliation was established.
“Some arbitrators acting as God on earth in arbitration hearings other than acting objectively,” said Hamunyela.
He added that allocation of hearing dates to dispute registered with the Labour Commission has also become cumbersome and letters written to the minister are hardly responded.
Furthermore, ministry of labour and the custodian of labour relations, need to take genuine lead to curb all total forms of unfair labour practice, which includes allowing of retrenchment without foreseeing any unfairness.
“In our eyes its either the people tasked to foresee the execution of these mandates in the ministry do not understand the importance state attaches or they have run out of ideas and deserve to be relieve from their duties,” cited Hamunyela.
Hamunyela noted that they are failing the Namibia people.
They demand the appointing authority to apply the powers invested in him, to remove all of them from the ceremonious ministers to accounting officer including the long serving advisor to the minister to save the sinking ship of a Namibian worker.

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