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Flamingo Secondary School receives science kits

Flamingo Secondary School receives science kits

Staff Reporter
THE Flamingo Secondary School in Walvis Bay recently received a donation of science kits valued at N$34 000.00, courtesy of the Namport Social Investment Fund (NSIF).
The principal of the school, Tessa Goagoses, received the donation and said that upon joining the school last year, she realized the need for science kits for the Grade 10 Physical Science learners during their practical examinations and that the lack of these essential tools were a stumbling block to the progress of the learners.
It was after this that she approached NSIF requesting for assistance in procuring the science kits.
“And they not only responded positively, but they have surpassed our expectations,” she said
NSIF Trustee Member and Namport’s Commercial Executive, Mr Immanuel !Hanabeb said that such donations are not only an addition to the school but it is a direct investment in the Namibian child who will be practically exposed to these types of apparatuses, “when your science teachers are demonstrating, you will now be able to see what chemical reaction form when they add a bit of potassium nitrate to a bit of hydrogen or calcium”.
!Hanabeb further encouraged the learners present to look after the kits so that others can make use of them as well.
“At Namport we believe thateducation is the greatest enabler, education helps us and equalizes the community”, Mr !Hanabeb reiterated.
In addition, Namport, through NSIF, will purchase chemicals for the science kits valued at N$5 000 next year when the current stock runs out.
Goagoses thanked Namport for the blessing and urged the entity as well as other companies to continue supporting education in Namibia.

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