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Principal silent on school turmoil

Principal silent on school turmoil

Marthina Mutanga
SEVEN learners at the Usiel Ndjavera primary school have all come out to report on on-going sexual harassment against certain members of the school’s staff.
The principal of the school is accused of refusing address the recent scandal in his school through the proper channels.

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A community member speaking on condition of anonymity said that he wants the education ministry to set up an independent body to investigate the case rather than teachers investigating themselves as it causes a conflict of interest.
Some of the parents with learners attending at the school have demanded the immediate shut down of the school until an arrest has been made.
One of the teachers and a cleaner at the school, situated in Otjinene, are accused of sexually harassing some of female learners.
Otjinene Constituency Councillor, Erwin Katjizeu confirmed the matter after some of the learners wrote a letter to the principal in which they aired their grievances over the alleged harassment.
Katizeu said that there have been several complaints from members of the community about the teacher, who is said to have paid off the one of the parents of a girl who complained about his conduct.
“The teacher is accused of having had sexual intercourse with a learner. His accused of paying a certain amount of money to the parents of the learner to avoid charges being laid,” he said.
Katjizeu who appeared to be shocked over the situation at the school, urged the regional police to speed up investigation and to bring the culprits to book in order for justice to be served”.
“Am also urging all parents to be open minded to whatever their kids tells them and report such incidents to the appropriate authority. It is a pity that this happened to those innocent souls and I hope that appropriate action will be taken in order to heal these kids’ deep wounds,” he said.

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