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NDF members removed from Nampol’s newest operation

NDF members removed from Nampol’s newest operation

Zorena Jantze

The Namibian Police Spokesperson, Chief Inspector Pendukeni Haikali has announced that NAMPOL will be launching a new operation which is aimed at fighting crime in the capital city.

Haikali explained that the latest operation will only include members of the Namibian Police, as well as City police, but will however not include members of the Namibian Defence Forces.

BACK WITH A BANG: Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: contributed

The launch saw a large fleet of police vehicles gathering at an open site at the entrance of Eveline street, in Greenwell Matongo area, this morning.

Asked how long the operation is expected to last, Haikali could not give an exact date and stated that it is a normal police operation that will be carried out every day.

Giving a briefing at the //Kharas police headquarters earlier this week, Police Inspector General, Sebastian Ndeitunga stated that next phase of the Operation Kalahari Desert will return with a “sjambok” next month.

Ndeitunga added that Operation Kalahari Desert will also include a phase 3 and 4, stressing that the work of the police in the prevention of crime will be not deterred by the increasing public outcry against such operations.

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