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Falsified documents lead to corruption charges

Falsified documents lead to corruption charges

Staff Reporter
ADELMA Seibes, an administrative supervisor of the Otjiwarongo municipality, was arrested on charges of corruption after she falsified documents to obtain land which she later sold to the Otjozondjupa Regional Governor, Otto Iipinge.
According to a statement issued by the Anti-corruption Commission, Seibes was arrested on Monday and face charges of falsifying and submitting a false deed of sale agreement between her and a certain Mr. Andries Jacobs to the Otjiwarongo municipality to lead the institution to believe that she was in the process of selling her property to Jacobs.
She is accused of presenting the false deed of sale in order to qualify for the purchase of a plot, erf 1399 worth N$234 236, 30 from the Otjiwarongo municipality. She later sold the plot to the Otjozondjupa Regional Governor, Mr. Otto Iipinge.
Seibes allegedly abused existing procedures to purchase an erf form the Otjiwarongo municipality under a special facility created that would allow landless employees to obtain property. The program stipulates that the applicant must not own property in the town at the time of applying for an erf and if the person already owns property, that person must forfeit or sell their existing property in order to qualify to purchase an erf under the special programme.
Once such an application is submitted the municipality then applies a 90 days period to allow the applicant to forfeit or sell their existing house and provide proof to the municipality before approval to purchase a municipal erf is granted.
Seibes made her first court appearance on Monday and was set free on bail of N$2500. Her case was remanded to 28 August 2019 to enable her to obtain legal representation.

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