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Workers survive serious bus accident

Workers survive serious bus accident

Video: The scene of the accident where a bus overturned next to the Walvis Bay lagoon. – Footage: Niël Terblanché

Niël Terblanché
LIGHTNING quick reaction by the various ambulance services stationed in Walvis Bay and Swakopmund prevented the loss of lives after a serious bus accident on the road next to the lagoon.
Traffic officials on the scene of the accident said that 27 people sustained serious injuries after the bus left the road to the Walvis Bay salt refinery and overturned. Another eight people sustained less serious injuries. All 35 occupants of the bus were taken to Walvis Bay State Hospital for further emergency treatment and medical care.
“It is a miracle that none of the occupants of the bus died in the accident,” one traffic official said on the scene.
Although the actual cause of the accident is not yet clear traffic officials on the scene said a wet and slippery salt road surface could have caused the driver to lose control causing the bus to go down the steep side of the road where it hit the soft sand causing the vehicle to flip over end over end.
The accident occurred just after 07:00 and a string of ambulances form the state hospital and private emergency services took about 45 minutes to ferry all the injured people to the hospital in the harbour town. The amount of injured people meant that ambulances had to make several trips between the accident scene and the hospital to get all the injured people to emergency medical care.
All the occupants of the bus are employees of a construction company based in Swakopmund.

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