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On behalf of the NDF, the Swapo Party, AR, and Air Namibia we would like to congratulate the town of Swakopmund with walking away with the prestigious prize of ‘’ Town of the year ‘’ for 2019!
This is an annual competition spearheaded by Kyknet (daai Boere tiewie goede) on DSTV for their program called Kwela. So, to compete with at least 30 towns from nine South African provinces, is no mean feat I would say. We would like to thank each and everyone who keeps on putting Namibia on the global map.
I remember three years ago driving with the former South African Springbok coach Peter de Villiers through Swakopmund on our way to Walvis Bay. It was his first time in Namibia, in his squeaky voice he could not hide his amazement as to how beautiful the landscape was. “Hey my bru, dis da mooier as Dubai die Neville!?” I’ve never been to Dubai, but I was honored for him to make that comparison.
So, we would just like to thank the people of Mondesa at Strongbar, who solely helped Swakopmund to win this accolade. The continuous service you offer to us at 02h00 in the morning, while everyone is fast asleep at Wurstbude for a cold beer was key that Swakopmund won it!
Now I just think that it’s fair we motivate each and every town out there in Namibia to step up their game so we win this prize every year. I personally believe the following towns have the capacity to win this competition hands down!
Oranjemund – Since the ‘borders’ of this town were opened, we stand in awe to witness gemsbokke and springbokke walking through your kitchen without rabies. It’s just phenomenal! How those people are not shooting them for biltong, that’s beyond my understanding sowaar!
Gobabis – Jis, ek laaik Gobs, one of their biggest landmarks must be Plaaskombuis , they sport some of the best meat around that town. The Ministry of Health must just give a clearance certificate to them to sell Cataflam for all the gout they cause Hereros who buys meat there! Gobabis apparently also sport the best Tswana toordokters… If you want to take care of all your enemies. Great export commodities!
Rehoboth – I know in the 90’s Basters did not take it very kindly if we Windhoekers roam freely there looking at their women. They were kamma known back then as ‘Mooimeisiesfontein’. If the product is still good, I agree let’s enter Rehoboth. Their girls, alongside the best roosterbrood and goiyang sakke should pull it through!
Lüderitz – Im not too sure if we should enter them. Those Wamboes say they not Wamboes, they are Buchters… the Afrikaans they speak there is so fast. The judges might consider these two factors a conflict of interest!
Ondangwa – beautiful town, but perhaps they might not want to be part of this competition. They can enter as an independent candidate!
Khorixas – King Phura is buried there. By virtue of that, the town should win this hands down!
If you can motivate a better town let me know please!
I feng you!

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