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Parent of drug dealing child arrested

Parent of drug dealing child arrested

Niël Terblanché
THE Namibian Police expressed serious concern over a new trend that has been observed in Windhoek during May after the parent of a child, who was caught at a school in Katutura while dealing in illegal drugs to fellow learners, was arrested.

Pictured: Commander of the Police Public Relations Division, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi. Photo: Contributed

The suspect allegedly sent the child to school to deal in drugs. The accused person appeared in a Windhoek court at the end of May and was freed on bail of N$600 before the case was remanded to the 14th of June for further investigations.
Commander of the Police Public Relations Division, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, in a statement said the case is cause for concern because it seems some parents are allowing their school going children to abuse drugs and even forcing them to sell drugs on the premises of schools.
“Owing to this we are warning parents to be alert because drugs can have a very destructive effect on people and especially to children. Other parents should desist from using drugs in front of their children because they will emulate their elders’ conduct.”
Deputy Commissioner Kanguatjivi once again requested the public to report such conduct and drug dealers in their neighbourhoods to the nearest police station in order to enable the Namibian Police to root them out from society.
According to the statement the Namibian Police arrested 176 suspects countrywide in connection with the possession and dealing of illicit drugs during the month of May. The drugs confiscated during the arrests is estimated to be worth about N$1 126 150.
During the month officers seized and confiscated dried cannabis worth N$835 800 and 30 cannabis plants valued at N$300.
They also confiscated 549 Mandrax tablets worth N$65 880 as well as 802 units of crack cocaine estimated to be worth N$80 200. The officers also confiscated 180 grams of cocaine worth N$90 000 and 991 packets of smuggled Yes cigarette worth N$53 970.
Among 176 persons arrested were 165 Namibians, one Zambian, two South Africans, four Tanzanians, three Angolans and one Congolese national.

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