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Opuuo Finish en klaar!

Opuuo Finish en klaar!

Opuuo Finish en klaar!

Opuuo, finish en klaar!

Since this will be my last article for 2018 I would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019. It was quite a memorable year mara is nou klaar, ons is opgesukkel. I will not be answering any phone calls from here on forward until the 15th of January. Ons ken ook, anyone you are trying to reach from here on forward, die mense skiet doof. Act like you don’t exist. If there are companies that needs to pay you for services rendered, vergeet maar daai Wamboes is lankal weg. No invoices shall be processed until January! ‘’ Sorry comrade, mara the Direketa isi on leave..It is only his signitja we need to process your payment, Im sorry my brada! So I am not having any high hopes of getting anything done for the next couple of weeks. All of us will be traveling to our preferred destinations, the place where we feel most comfortable in. I have already decided where I will be the next 3 weeks, en ja ekwalifokoli if you don’t like the place. Ek laaik hom finish en klaar!

Swakopmund – My favorite December holiday destination the last 10 years. Ja, ons stel nie belang oor die k*k van Swakop wat julle elke jaar se nie:’’ hooo jirrie nee, die plek gaan weer te vol wees! Stay if you want to, maar ons gaan! And yes, we don’t expect any Hereros to be in Swakopmund this krismis..Its unfamiliar territory, that’s not their natural habitat ..

Otjinene / Rethevatee- Opombo tog arikana. How the hibaaa!? Those Isuzu bakkies are all heading down to the Omaheke region now as we speak. It is in fact an insult to ask a Herero where he is going for the ‘’holindays’’. Omaere, opgekookte beesvleis with salt and onions, okutja opuuo..okrismisa ombua !

Khorixas – That’s what I love about this country, so diverse that  you actually have people who WANTS to go down there out of their own free will . Die donkie gaan weer lekke loop daai kant omes. I love that part of our country, as hot and as dry as it is over there it’s just majestic. Toxoba, ti’ familiep geniet re!

Henties – Ja nee, ons sal ver bly van julle af. Na n paar brannas, then you start hearing the introduction sentence of an ass whipping ‘’ luister hier,  julle mense..’’ Nee wat is oraait, I will go take my chances at Windpomp 14 this year..It’s a bit closer to Swakop.

Keetmanshoop /Mariental – Suide maak vrede. Go visit the Hardap and Kharas region. I have a special affection for the South. Been to Karasburg a few weeks ago for a wedding, the hospitality in this region is just what we all need. I still need to visit the revamped Hardap dam.

North – okay it’s a wide wide concept when I say the north. But get yourself ready for 25 weddings to attend. As hot and as humid as it is, a holiday in Oshakati was one of the most memorable ones I had with my family a few years ago. The hospitality of the executive tribe is just astonishing. If they can please stop offering me Punya-Punya I should be able to make it safely through this holiday’s vakwetu.

So Namibia, enjoy yourselves properly. Just don’t ‘’idibala’’ up to the level you can’t buy school stationary the first week of January. Much love, shap shap.

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