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Zambians arrested for livestock theft in Zambezi

Zambians arrested for livestock theft in Zambezi

Staff Reporter

THREE Zambian nationals were arrested in the Zambezi Region over the weekend after they were allegedly found in possession of four stolen heifers with an estimated value of N$28,000. The police said that the four head of cattle were stolen from the Luhonono village in the Ngoma policing area.

Another incident of livestock theft was reported to the police at Epukiro, Omaheke Region, where a 23-year-old suspect was arrested after he allegedly stole and slaughtered three head of cattle and carted the carcasses away.

According to the police, the stolen animals were positively identified by the lawful owner based on the heads, ear tags, and branded skins that were recovered at the scene of the crime. The total value of the cattle is estimated at N$25,000.

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