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Superb learners held a successful harvest

Superb learners held a successful harvest

Maria David

ELEMENTARY school learners at Superb English Pre-school in Oshakati West had a fun-filled day harvesting vegetables from their school garden.

The school garden was established in 2021, and last year, the school held its first harvesting session. This initiative aims to instil the motto “teach them while they are young to aim for food security.”

They harvested a variety of vegetables, including carrots, spinach, onions, and peas.

Cecilia Kamati-Eliakim, the school’s patron, mentioned that both learners and teachers participated in agricultural practicals at the school grounds to teach the youngsters the value of having a garden.

Kamati-Eliakim emphasized the importance of integrating agriculture into everyday learning experiences for children.

“We want the learners to understand the significance of producing their own food,” she said.

She highlighted that the purpose of having a school garden is to raise awareness about the importance of food production on a small scale.

This additional, non-curriculum-related topic contributes to the learners’ holistic development and teaches them practical skills in food production from a young age.

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