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City of Windhoek elects remaining management committee members

City of Windhoek elects remaining management committee members

Staff Reporter

SWAPO party councillor Magdalena Lombardt and Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) councillor Bernadus Araeb have been elected as the two remaining members of the City of Windhoek’s management committee, following two failed attempts in prior months.

The two will join the management committee, which consists of three SWAPO party councillors: Sam Nujoma, Austin Kweneni, and Fransina Kahunga. After witnessing that there were no nominations, the district magistrate Ndapewa Celma Amadhila called for an adjournment of the elections for the management committee to 8 February 2024.

PICTURED: The two newly elected management committee members, Magdalena Lombardt and Bernadus Araeb.

“Last year, when the elections were adjourned, most members indicated they would not be available on this day,” former CoW Mayor Fransina Kahungu pointed out in the previously held meeting. The absence of these councillors subsequently disrupted the process of filling the remaining two management committee positions and tied the hands of technocrats who could not make decisions without a complete management committee.

The management committee is responsible for the oversight of council activities and ensuring decisions are successfully implemented.

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