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Omaalala FC boosted by Ondangwa Private Hospital

Omaalala FC boosted by Ondangwa Private Hospital

Maria David

THE Omaalala Sport Club received a soccer outfit donation from Ondangwa Private Hospital valued at about N$8 000 on Wednesday in an effort to promote local sports.

Currently, around thirty players are registered with the team in the Oshana third-level league. However, in December last year, the club secured silver and bronze medals during various local tournaments.

Dr. Akutu Munyika, the Hospital Managing Director, expressed gratitude for being part of this wonderful initiative to support sports development in their community as he formally handed over the donation.

According to Munyika, they donated to the local sportsmen and women of Omaalala FC as part of their corporate social responsibility.

“This is also part of ensuring that we promote a healthy lifestyle to prevent people from falling ill,” he said.

He added that their hope is to see this donation go a long way in encouraging the team to perform well as they play.

Munyika indicated that the hospital is ready to assist the team, providing medical assistance to ensure the team’s growth.

Furthermore, Munyika said that their aim is to serve the community in which they operate, and this donation contributes to the development of sports.

Accepting the donation, Omaalala Head Coach Paulus Shimuningeni said that, as a team, the donation means everything to them as it gives them the identity they wanted.

According to Shimuningeni, their goal is to win the third division league in Oshana and be promoted to the second division league next year, and they are positive about it.

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