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PstBet honours agreement, by sponsoring Khuse Lion

PstBet honours agreement, by sponsoring Khuse Lion

Maria David

BY announcing its three-year sponsorship of N$150 000 with Khuse Lions FC, Premiere Sporting Trading Bet (PstBet) has kept its pledge to support the top clubs that participated in PstBet tournament last year.

The Club was crowned as champion of the PstBet tournament which was held at Omugwelume last year.

Sporting equipment was added to the sponsorship to assist the club stay afloat.

This consists of the team’s home and away kit, ten soccer balls, forty training cones, thirty branded bibs, and PstBet branded items.

The club was founded in 2006 and has 30 players registered for the Oshana Second Division.

Many additional players were loaned to other national clubs.

PstBet CEO Steve Hamunyela stated that the company is dedicated to helping out the community.

“We take pride in going above and beyond to demonstrate this in any way we can, which is why we are eager to participate in this sponsorship effort for the Khuse Lions Football Club over the course of the next three years,” he said.

Hamunyela explains that they do this because they think that via sports, they can successfully unite their communities, help their athletes achieve the pinnacle of their abilities, and enhance the standard of living for Namibian youths.

Team manager David Tutaleni stated this is a dream come true for them as he accepted the donation.

“The boys must be kept occupied and off the streets. Investing in their talent should help them raise their standard of living.

According to Tutaleni, the sponsorship comes at a crucial time when training must be priority.

“Since we are a non-profit organization and heavily rely on individuals, the sponsorship comes at the perfect time for our boys,”

He continued by saying that they typically train with one or two balls that people handed them after noticing the boys’ ability while watching them play on the squad.

Additionally, Tutaleni stated that their Academy program serves roughly 60 kids between the ages of 13 and 17.

“We are a producer of raw talented youth that we invest in, and we hope that they accept their place in national teams as part of creating opportunities for them to grow within their career,” he added.

He underlined that they produce young people with skill, giving them a chance to show it off and thus opening up opportunities for them to raise their level of living.

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