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Uranium One avails Eight Bursaries to Namibian students

Uranium One avails Eight Bursaries to Namibian students

Staff Reporter

AT a recently held Career Fair at Leonardville, the Uranium One Mining Group announced that they are availing 8 bursaries for studies in areas like Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology and Chemistry.
The eight bursaries are fully paid for studies at a choice of any one of ten Russian universities.

The Government of the Russian Federation, in co-operation with Rosatom, have made more than 200 bursaries available for foreign countries, of which eight are dedicated for Namibian students.
“This does not mean that only eight Namibian students will be selected. Of course, if Namibia have the best candidates, more than eight Namibian students could obtain these bursaries”, said Andrey Shutov, President of Uranium One.


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Namibian students who qualify can apply before end of February, by visiting the website HTTPS://EDUCATION -IN-RUSSIA.COM/ and following the process, Namibian students can ensure that their applications are logged. Thereafter, should they be selected onto the short list, interviews will be conducted to select the eight students.
The process will be completed in time for the students to secure their study visas, as the academic year in Russia starts on 1 September.
“For us it is important that we start well in time to develop a Namibia workforce that can work on our projects. For that reason, students from Leonardville, Aranos, Aminuis and Gobabis will enjoy precedence when the selection is made” Shutov concluded.

At the same time a delegation of Rosatom, RUDN, a representative of the Russian Embassy in Namibia as well as the Ministry of Education, will visit UNAM in Windhoek, NUST, and the UNAM Ongwediva campuses, to select ten post-graduate students who will be able to complete their Masters-and phd degrees at Russian universities. The selection will take place from 16-20 February. These bursaries are also for students in the areas of geology and mining.

Uranium One is part of the Russian state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom, and is currently conducting exploration drilling on Farm Tripoli, situated 15 kilometres west of Leonardville and wishes to conduct in-situ uranium mining.



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