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Peace-maker stabbed at Ongwediva

Peace-maker stabbed at Ongwediva

Staff Reporter

A MALE resident of Ongwediva was admitted in the Oshakati intermediate hospital on Saturday after he was stabbed with a knife while trying to stop a fist fight involving four men who were unknown to him.

According to the police, the incident occurred at the Caritosa Bar at around 21:00.

It is alleged that the 25-year-old resident of Ketu-Nakaye location of Ongwediva, but who is originally from the nearby Omupanda village, tried to stop an uneven fist fight where one man was fighting against three.

The three men turned on the “peace-maker” and assaulted him and one of them stabbed him with a knife on the shoulder.

He was rushed to the hospital where his condition is said to be stable.
A 28-year-old suspect was arrested, but the other two, including the one who stabbed the victim, have yet to be apprehended.

“They are not known by the complainant but he will be able to identify them if he sees them again,” said the police.

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