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Havanna Charity provides a home for a 100 kids

Havanna Charity provides a home for a 100 kids

Samuel Shinedima

HAVANNA Charity work, an establishment which provides minimum dietary essentials, such as soup and bread amongst others to the needy, has increasingly become a home for many vulnerable children in Windhoek.

The organization was founded in 2020 by Penomwene Nekwaya, and it manages to feed at least 200 kids every Saturday.

Speaking to Informanté, the founder said she sometimes would take from her own pocket to sustain the charity but as time went by, she started getting help from individual sponsors like Jesus Nation, a group of church members, Eenghoshi Bikers Club as well as some notable individuals such as Sheekuli Ndilipomwene, a prominent Namibian businessman based in the UK.



“We face challenges like running out of food or accommodating more than two people at the charity due to lack of extra rooms. However, we normally accommodate people who are having problems at home, those with suicidal thoughts and those that have malnutrition” Said Penomwene.

Penomwene said that they recently received a donation of goods worth $1000 (USD) that includes a gas stove, food, mattress, toys, school bags, pots and many other items.

“It means a lot to us. They have met the charity halfway and made feeding the kids easier for the organization” she added

The organization is located in Havanna, one of the highly populated townships in the city of Windhoek.


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