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Future president emerges from Michele McLean Pre-school

Future president emerges from Michele McLean Pre-school

Samuel Shinedima

A PRE-SCHOOL graduate from the Michele Mclean Primary School in Windhoek blew the audience off their feet on Tuesday morning with his graduation speech as he revealed his future dreams.

The six-year-old Rosario Mutilifa, who according to the school teacher graduated with Cum laude, shared with his peers, the school teachers and parents that were present at the graduation ceremony that he wants to be the president of Namibia when he grows up.

Speaking to Informanté, the mother of the aspiring future president, Mellisa Mutilifa told Informanté that Rosario is the youngest in a family of three boys and one girl, and that he always played the role of a president whenever they played with his friends.

“I really don’t know where he got that inspiration from, but every time they play with others, he is always the president and pretends to be giving a speech or something while others take pictures. He is very dramatic, but I guess it is his calling,” his mother said in amusement.

The class teacher, Gladys Verijeta Dantu, pointed out that Rosario has a unique and friendly, but straight-forward character, adding that he is very bright and always understands his position, but is at the same time highly outspoken.

“He is the type of learner that is always 100% in everything they do, from academic performance to personal neatness. He is one learner that you can’t bully because he will tell you that what you’re doing is wrong. If he doesn’t want to do anything in class he will give you reasons why he doesn’t want and he will even go the extend of explaining further, or that he is hungry and he needs to go home. So, he’s very much open-minded and knows all the teachers at the school. That is quite rare for a six-year-old,” said Dantu.

While revealing more on the personal traits of Rosario, the class teacher also recalled that the learner achieved good grades because of his openness and willingness to engage with others, even to the extent of engaging with teachers on the learning level, a skill that many children of that age lack.

“One thing I picked up from that boy, he fears nobody, but respects everyone. There is a teacher who is mostly feared by learners because she compels learners to order. One day I gave my learners a role play activity and Rosario was imitating that specific teacher, exactly how she addresses the learners. One can tell he is really a fast learner,” said the teacher.

In closing, Dantu thanked all parents who rendered their full support to the pre-grade pupils who graduated from Michele McLean School. She further thanked the school principal, Nadia Lizazi – Mshabati for her excellent leadership, while at the same time encouraging parents to be actively involved in the social development process of their children to enhance full learning capacity of the children.

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