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Hold on to your tradition – Shaninga

Hold on to your tradition – Shaninga

Maria David

“TAKE pride in your own tradition and hold on to it,” these were the words of Deacon Rabanus Shaninga during his opening statement at the launch of the Heritage Week in Eenhana.

Shaninga stated that one can still hold onto their traditional practices even if they want to praise God; adding that there is no restrictions of what to do when praising him.

“We cannot run away from tradition and hide behind Christianity, we should not ignore our tradition as this will result in the young people not knowing anything,” he said.

Shaninga added that if tradition is forgotten many of the future generations will not know where they came from and have any clue of their culture.

Shaninga stressed that people should hold on to their traditions in order to preserve and transfer it to future generations.

During this Heritage Week celebration, Namibians are reminded to come together to build awareness about the value of heritage and support its conservation.

The week celebration which is being carried across the country kicked off on Monday and is expected to conclude on Saturday, and is being held under the theme: “Unity in diversity.”

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