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Millions needed for King Mandume Museum

Millions needed for King Mandume Museum

Maria David

THE King Mandume Museum Trust requires N$ 18 million if they are to ensure the completion of the King Mandume Museum that is under construction at Omhedi in the Ohangwena Region.

In the interview with Informanté, local businessman and Chairperson of the Trust Vilho Nghipondoka said they have already kicked off with the N$1 raising campaign whereby all residents under the jurisdiction of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority are being asked to voluntarily contribute just N$1.

Nghipondoka stated that this call is not only directed to the people of Oukwanyama, but to every Namibia to help preserve the culture and heritage of Oukwanyama by collecting artefacts which will then be stored in the museum.

“We did a feasibility assessment some years ago, where we evaluated everything and the construction of the museum stood at N$ 12 million at the time. But the current assessment that was done revealed that we need N$ 18 million to establish the museum and its entire auxiliary,” he said.

PLAY YOUR PART: Chairperson of the King Mandume Museum Trust, Vilho Nghipondoka, calls on Namibians to play their part and contribute the little they have for the construction of the museum. Photo: Maria David.

He added that once completed, the museum will help preserve the Oukwanyama people’s culture, heritage and everything that has to do with the people of Oukwanyama.

Nghipondoka stressed that Oukwanyama people’s culture and heritage has almost gone away or has scattered, and in the advent of independence they are seeing that people are increasingly getting interested.

Moreover, he stated that it is important to collect the artefacts and cultural heritage items in one place.

Nghipondoka said that they are seeing that the world is rapidly changing, and it is upon them to make sure that the cultural heritage remains intact.

He indicated that the Trust was founded by Oukwanyama Queen Martha Nelumbu, who found it fit to create a Trust, she then appointed trustees that will deal with the business of the Trust and the business of the trust is to establish and manage the King Mandume Trust with all that’s goes with it.

Nghipondoka emphasized that the Trust is an independent body, from the traditional authority, having its own management and financial structures.

Thus far, they have managed to establish an office to operate from.

“The Traditional Authority has pledged to contribute N$ 200 000 annually to the construction, maintenance and upkeep of the museum,” he said.

However, Nghipondoka stated that the rest of the funds will have to be scouted through donations, hosting of fundraising events and members of the community.

“We are very much glad that the community is responding well to the call of assisting the authority, but the last two years we could not do much to ensure that the funds were raised due to the outbreak of coronavirus,” he added.

Nghipondoka then called on every Namibian to rally behind the call of assisting the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority to ensure that they raise the needed funds.

He indicated that everybody that’s of Oukwanyama and resides in the area should take their heritage seriously.

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