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NamWater to invest millions in water pump station

NamWater to invest millions in water pump station

Maria David

NAMWATER is expected to commission three multi-million dollar water pump stations that will benefit both Namibia and neighbouring Angola.

According to their Chief Executive Officer Abraham Nehemia, NamWater has already put aside approximately N$6 million, but the actual cost of the project will only be known once work is completed. It involves contractors and consultants from Portugal.

Nehemia stated the Angolan government has rehabilitated the Calueque dam which was built in 1974 and damaged during the liberation struggle.

The work that was done did increase the water supply security for communities living on either side of the common border.

“We had to rehabilitate the dam wall for optimal water capturing. The project was supposed to be a joint project between Namibia and Angola,” he said.

However, Nehemia stated that things did not go according to plan, because the Angolans were in a hurry and started doing the work. By this quick move, the Angolan government took full responsibility on the financial inputs, although the provision of the existing agreement for water use allows joint work by the two governments.

“As such, we had to make sure that they make provision for us in order to put a pump station that will be used to pump water to Namibia. We have installed three new big pumps which are supposed to pump water,” he stressed.

Currently NamWater uses the old pump station.

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