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Green Hydrogen is far from a pipedream – EAN Chairperson

Green Hydrogen is far from a pipedream – EAN Chairperson

Staff Reporter

GIVEN the amount of scepticism that Green Hydrogen has garnered, the Chairperson of the Economic Association of Namibia (EAN), Jason Kasuto, denounced claims that Green Hydrogen is just another pipedream and said that there is sufficient evidence to prove otherwise.

“The evidence is there that the work has started and that the commitment is there. So really, this is probably the biggest evidence that this is far from a pipedream,” he said at the Green Hydrogen Conference on Monday.

According to him, it is clear that the government is committed to the development of the Green Hydrogen industry. He added that the recent funding of four Erongo-based Green Hydrogen pilot projects is also evidence of this commitment. This comes after these pilot projects received a total of N$499 million from the German government.

To further emphasise the Namibian government’s commitment to the Green Hydrogen industry, the Presidential Economic Advisor and Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnyupe, said that the country intends to launch a Synthetic Fuel industry in November.

He added that the work has also started with the development of the First Draft of a Synthetic Fuel Act, which is intended to be completed by the second quarter of next year, to regulate the Green Hydrogen industry.
The promising nature of the industry was further highlighted by the Chairperson of the Namibia Private Sector Green Hydrogen Taskforce, Dr Zivayi Chiguvare, who said that Green Hydrogen represents a “huge step forward in economic development”. He therefore urged the country’s private sector to get involved in the industry before it is too late.

Chiguvare explained that the Green Hydrogen Taskforce is a platform that allows the private sector of Namibia to participate in the Green Hydrogen value chain, from resource identification to utilisation of the Hydrogen.
“That includes the production, storage, distribution and the conversion into other forms and products as might be needed – and these products can be produced by the private sector. When we talk of private sector, we are also including the financing sector,” he explained.

While expressing gratitude to the foreign investments directed towards Green Hydrogen, he emphasised that it is also important for the country’s private sector to get involved, adding that “something that is 100% donated suffers one of two fates, or both fates: abuse or neglect”.
“Please do not come five years later and say ‘oh, you left me out’. The chance is now. If you want to learn about Green Hydrogen, the chance is now. Get in,” Chiguvare said.

NOT A PIPEDREAM: Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo: File

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