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Capricorn donates portable solar lamps to rural schools

Capricorn donates portable solar lamps to rural schools

Staff Reporter

THE Capricorn Foundation donated 430 portable solar lamps to two schools in the Ohangwena and Omusati regions – and intends to donate another 241 lamps to learners in the Kunene region – to assist learners living in informal settlements who struggle with a lack of electricity.

“With most learners in rural Namibia residing in shacks, learning after school is almost impossible due to long distances, household chores or lack of electricity, among others,” Capricorn explained.

Capricorn said that the first donation took place on Wednesday at Eenhana Secondary School, where 330 learners received the portable solar lamps. The second donation took place on Thursday at the Ondeka Combined School in Outapi, where 100 learners received lamps.

PICTURED: Principal of Eenhana Secondary School facilitating the distribution of the lamps. Photo: Capricorn Group.

Capricorn said that the third donation will take place on Monday, 8 August, at Mureti High School in Opuwo and the foundation intends to donate 241 lamps to learners at the school.

These recipient learners, Capricorn said, were selected on a needs-based assessment survey with the assistance of teachers and the findings of the survey revealed that more than 671 learners use candles, paraffin lamps or wood for lighting at their houses, which, Capricorn emphasised, can be dangerous.

“Shack fires are an everyday occurrence in rural communities, often leading to death or injuries. The donated lights allow learners to study at home effectively and ensure safety for the entire family,” the Group’s Executive of Brand and Corporate Affairs, Marlize Horn, said.

According to Capricorn, the donated lamps can yield up to 72 hours of light from a single day’s sunlight. Capricorn said that the lamps, which are sourced through Edu-light and powered by GreenVille Solars, also come with three brightness settings and can be charged electrically.

“We are proud to have purchased these solar lights for our Namibian learners, a solution to education that is safe and sustainable,” Horn added.

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